Iron Condor Probability Analysis in Volatile Markets

Today we’ll be talking about standard deviation and probabilities when it comes to option trading. Most option traders use analytical software to analyze their trades before they put them on. But there’s something that most traders do not think of. When we use standard deviations in the popular option software that is out on the market, we don’t usually consider that the software is not aware of the current market trend. Most people that trade the stock market are aware of technical analysis. Well, your average options analytical software does not incorporate charting and trends when it calculates probability. Continue reading

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401K Plan Hardship Withdrawals

Participating in a 401K Plan has a lot of advantages. Bear in mind though, that 401K Plans are intended to help you monetarily when you reach retirement. Consequently, any withdrawals you may make from your 401K Plan at an age younger than 59 may come with steep penalties including 10% of the amount withdrawn and subjecting this to income tax appropriate for your tax bracket. Continue reading

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How To Increase Your Retirement Income

Many retirees are experiencing first-hand the difficulty of making ends meet during the current economic downturn. Living on a fixed income isn’t simple under the best of circumstances - and the current economic landscape is even less forgiving for those trying to get by on social security or personal savings. Many seniors still seek to earn income of some type to supplement their retirement so they may continue to travel or otherwise enhance their lifestyle. While there are many ways one could go about growing their income in retirement, there are a few methods that will likely produce healthier results. Continue reading

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Looking Into 401K Plans

A 401K is a retirement plan that has been set up to help an individual prepare monetarily for retirement. Many employers offer this as part of company benefits to attract and keep good employees. Continue reading

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Information on IRA roll overs

Rollover IRA account is not technically recognized by the IRS designation. However, it is a very good name, which you can use your financial planning. It is also a great way to describe what happens when the rollover money from one account to another. Another way to classify an IRA rollover account is to call accounts of destination, i.e., they target the money is rolled over. Most people start the rollover IRA when they have a new job or when you try to combine multiple retirement accounts into one big account. This stabilization will be made on the management of their retirement savings much easier and is a very common cause of rollover IRA. Continue reading

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Retirement Planning for Those Not Financially Ready

Is delayed retirement a viable last minute retirement planning option? Several investment planners will tell you the best way to save for retirement is to begin young and continuously save part of your wages in a retirement savings program such as an IRA. And some individuals certainly do that. But if you’re like quite Continue reading

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