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Saving For Retirement? Consider a 401K

You’re a typical working American, like the millions of others in your situation out there, you probably want to retire as soon as possible. You’re going to need to plan for several decades of savings once you’re retired if you want to be able to accomplish this. Although it is technically an option, if you think its wisest to put a portion of your earnings directly into a savings account, you would be wrong. You’re going to need to learn more about 401K plans for that. Continue reading

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What is Life Planning and how does it work?

Every person has financial goals and objectives. Sometimes it is difficult to priorities which aspects are most important. The term life planning comes from the United States and refers to the concept of holistic financial planning. This is where the clients overall financial situation and objectives are taken into account as opposed to just one aspect. The aim is to get an in depth perspective of the needs from a clients perspective. Continue reading

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Making The Right Investments For Your Retirement

When I was 23 I met one of the vice presidents of the largest bank in Canada. I worked as a reporter and we met for an interview. After introductions he asked me how old I was. Then he suggested that I should be saving up for my retirement. At the time I was perplexed but after a few years I realized how wise of a suggestion that was. Continue reading

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How To Increase Your Retirement Income

Many retirees are experiencing first-hand the difficulty of making ends meet during the current economic downturn. Living on a fixed income isn’t simple under the best of circumstances - and the current economic landscape is even less forgiving for those trying to get by on social security or personal savings. Many seniors still seek to earn income of some type to supplement their retirement so they may continue to travel or otherwise enhance their lifestyle. While there are many ways one could go about growing their income in retirement, there are a few methods that will likely produce healthier results. Continue reading

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Retirement Planning for Those Not Financially Ready

Is delayed retirement a viable last minute retirement planning option? Several investment planners will tell you the best way to save for retirement is to begin young and continuously save part of your wages in a retirement savings program such as an IRA. And some individuals certainly do that. But if you’re like quite Continue reading

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